Orange Consulting has provided all encompassing Web solutions to customers across the globe by successfully maneuvering the changing dynamics of offshore Web development. Orange Consulting's operating philosophy and guidelines comprise simple, well-defined and fundamental tenets.

Orange Consulting has a team of dynamic players who cater to requirements ranging from recruitment to content management. We strongly believe in our work force. We have created an organization, which is employee centric with emphasis on employee development and growth. We provide our employees a professional and comfortable ambience, congenial work culture, and a competitive remuneration.

We are a well coordinated team and work like a well-oiled machine. We work on a human scale and build long lasting partnerships with our clients. Our compactness provides us the needed room and flexibility to manage our future and independence. It also provides us a strong platform to safeguard our ethics and core values.

We hire the best and create an environment that helps them learn and grow. We provide freedom to experiment and learn. We make Orange Consulting an enjoyable place to work.

We slip and slide on the learning curve and aspire to ride the crest of the knowledge wave. Being a fun loving company we make room in our day to explore and innovate. We follow our noses and learn and also teach.